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Personal Injury Compensation Payout Calculator

Understand your legal entitlements—With just a few quick questions, our personal injury compensation calculator makes it easy to determine the value of compensation payouts. It's free, so try it now.

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Calculate Your Personal Injury Claim Payout – It’s Free!

When you have an accident, injury, unexpected illness, or mental health condition that wasn’t your fault, you are likely thinking, what will be my compensation payout? After all, having a successful personal injury claim can be challenging, so you want to know if it is worth the effort.

Thankfully, our compensation payout calculator makes it easy to know how much you can expect when you have a valid case. In less than two minutes, get an indication of your estimated settlement by answering some straightforward questions.

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What is a Compensation Calculator?

A compensation calculator is a practical online tool that helps estimate compensation payout amounts for legitimate personal injury claims. Typically, settlement calculators consider various factors, including the severity of the injury and its effect on the claimant’s life.

Calculating compensation payouts is particularly useful for people with workplace injuries or who were harmed in a motor vehicle accident. It gives them a better understanding of the potential financial settlements they might receive.

While personal injury calculators provide a helpful estimate, please understand that the lump sum payment can vary depending on your compensation lawyer’s negotiation skills, the type of case, and the insurance company’s policies for funding the compensation payout.

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 Why Use a Pain and Suffering Compensation Calculator

Pain and suffering calculators assist with the challenging task of determining how much compensation an injured person receives. Fortunately, recent developments in online technology have sped up and greatly simplified the process. The advantages of using a personal injury claim calculator are as follows:

  1. Accuracy

The purpose of compensation checkers is to estimate the average payout to which an injured party may be entitled. If you want an accurate figure, please contact an experienced solicitor for a free legal claim valuation.

  1. Time-saving

Everyone can quickly save time and effort by using an accident compensation calculator to determine their lump sum benefits.

  1. Transparency

Personal injury settlement calculators can make the process more transparent and help all parties understand the outcome by providing a breakdown of the elements considered when assessing an injured party’s entitlements.

  1. Accessible

Legal calculators are available online, so everyone has easy access anytime, making the claims process more convenient and less stressful.

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How Does an Online Compensation Estimator Work?

To use an online compensation estimator, you respond to seven brief questions, providing enough data for a series of calculations. The following are the steps for a quick valuation:

  1. How were you injured?
  2. In which Australian state did the incident happen?
  3. Your current work situation
  4. Approximate income
  5. Approximate accident date
  6. Your injury type, e.g. one or more injuries, physical and emotional
  7. Estimated recovery time

Once you have answered these seven questions, the personal injury compensation claim calculator will determine the lump sum payment you might receive.

Why Calculate My Compensation Payout?

A compensation payout calculator is useful when considering whether you should commence legal action after being harmed in an incident that was not your fault.

Understanding the value of your settlement will assist you in deciding whether or not you can handle the stress and hassle of a damages claim. Use our convenient online personal injury claim calculator now to quickly assess your situation and determine the extent of your loss.

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How Much is My Compensation Claim Worth?

Under Australian law, ‘heads of damages’ are used when deciding the economic and non-economic damages determining the value of a compensation claim. These are the primary factors used to calculate the extent of the loss when someone breaches their owed duty of care and causes harm to another party. Depending on your circumstance, you may receive a damages payout that includes the following:


Medical Expenses

Payment for medical costs like hospital and ambulance, physiotherapy, rehabilitation expenses, and specialist or doctor appointments.

Lost Income 

You can lodge a claim for lost pay and super when you need time away from work to recuperate. Generally, if you have a permanent impairment or disability, you can also claim for future lost income.

Travel Costs 

Repayment of out-of-pocket expenses such as travel expenses for medical or therapeutic purposes.

Pain and Suffering (Lost enjoyment of life)

Fair compensation is available when you suffer pain from a physical injury, as well as for emotional distress and psychological harm.

What Types of Injuries Are Included?

When calculating an injury compensation payout, there are many types of injuries. Regardless of whether you have a physical injury, illness, psychological disorder, or emotional trauma, you are typically eligible to get lump sum compensation when involved in an accident that was not your fault. Below are some common types of injuries covered by our compensation checker.

Minor injuries might cause someone pain and discomfort, causing them to take time off work. Cuts and abrasions can leave lasting scars and lead to infections if not treated promptly.

Cuts, abrasions, sprains, bruises, and small fractures are examples of minor injuries that frequently result in compensation for medical expenses, prescriptions, transport costs, out-of-pocket expenses, and general damages.

Moderate injuries require a more extended recovery than minor ones, typically resulting in higher compensation payments. Although this type of injury typically results in a full recovery, it may still require ongoing medical treatment and result in lost wages.

If you have broken bones or fractures, injuries to the arm, wrist, head, elbow, shoulder, back, neck, and spine, and damage to the legs, feet, and ankles, you most likely have a moderate injury. Additionally, car accidents frequently result in medium soft tissue injuries like whiplash, which limit movement, require time off work, and significantly disrupt everyday living.

Catastrophic & severe injuries are those that lead to long-term illness or damage, permanent impairment and disability. These types of injuries are often life-changing, requiring ongoing medical treatment, rehabilitation, additional personal care, and the inability to work.

Common examples of serious injuries include traumatic brain damage, spinal cord injuries, amputations, severe burns, loss of vision, lost hearing, and multiple fractures. This damage often results in reduced mobility, long-lasting chronic pain, and loss of sensory functions.

If you have broken bones or fractures, injuries to the arm, wrist, head, elbow, shoulder, back, neck, and spine, and damage to the legs, feet, and ankles, you most likely have a moderate injury. Additionally, car accidents frequently result in medium soft tissue injuries like whiplash, which limit movement, require time off work, and significantly disrupt everyday living.

Damage to the body’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments is a common result of sudden impacts found in car accidents and slip-and-fall incidents. Another type of soft tissue damage is repetitive strain injuries, brought on by repeated use of a bodily part.

Whiplash is a common soft tissue injury when the neck is violently jerked forwards and backwards in a sudden impact, like a car accident. Consequently, hurt neck ligaments and muscles cause symptoms like headaches, dizziness, and neck pain.

Psychological illness is often associated with traumatic accidents, like personal injuries sustained in road accidents, workplace injuries, public place accidents, etc.

Compensable mental health conditions include major depression, bipolar disorder, Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), emotional trauma and other psychiatric injuries.

If a psychological injury has impacted you, our mental illness lawyers can help you understand your legal right to claim.

Workplace Accident Compensation

Our straightforward personal injury calculator makes knowing your worker’s compensation entitlements simple. Please understand that all Australian employers have a legal obligation to take reasonable steps to secure the safety of their staff. When something goes wrong at work, and your mental or physical health is compromised, you could:

  1. Receive weekly benefits by lodging a WorkCover claim
  2. Or lump sum compensation from a common law claim
  3. A permanent impairment payout for long-term injuries


Furthermore, you can be compensated for compensation for emotional harm such as depression, anxiety, stress, bullying, harassment, and PTSD, in addition to physical injuries.

How much damages for a work accident?

Motor Vehicle Accident Compensation

You can lodge a car accident compensation claim when a negligent driver causes you harm. Generally, all Australian vehicle owners must have compulsory third-party insurance, and this insurance scheme funds your CTP settlement. 

Fortunately, it’s simple to know your road accident payout value using our CTP insurance

Get Expert Compensation Claim Legal Advice

You could file a compensation claim for damages when the negligence of another causes a loss. However, it is challenging to access all your entitlements as insurance companies will typically seek to limit liability and your owed financial compensation.

For this reason, getting expert legal advice from a qualified personal injury expert is essential. When you select our skilled compensation lawyers for your case, you can feel at ease knowing you have a solid chance of success.

Contact Splatt Lawyers now to know the following:

  1. The time limits for your claim
  2. If you have a valid compensation claim
  3. Your claimable insurance damages
  4. How much your personal injury payout is worth
  5. The next steps in the legal process


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