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Personal Injury Damages Calculator

Our quick online damages calculator helps determine how much compensation you can expect for a personal injury. Like most Australians, if you have a possible personal injury claim, you will likely want a lump sum payout estimate to decide your next steps. It’s free, so start now by answering just a few questions.

Disclaimer: Online injury damage valuations are a guide. Contact our sponsor – Splatt Lawyers, at 1800 700 125  for an accurate claim estimate.

Knowing your settlement value can be challenging when you have a potential claim for personal injury damages because there are so many variables. So, to help you understand the process of calculating compensation payouts, we have created this comprehensive guide. 

Feel confident and empowered by understanding how it works and the average payouts others have received for damages claims. Alternatively, you can calculate your injury damages now for a fast valuation.

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What is a Damages Calculator?

A damages calculator is a handy online tool that helps injured people estimate the compensation they might expect when they have a legitimate personal injury claim.

Generally, loss calculations consider both economic and non-economic factors like past and future medical expenses, lost income and superannuation, pain and suffering and cost of home care.

Calculating legal damages helps clients and their lawyers negotiate a favourable settlement with the liable party’s insurance company, which considers all the relevant factors for a complete payout.

What is the Process for Calculating Injury Damages?

In Australia, a damages payout aims to reestablish your life to how it would have been had an accident never occurred. Hence, the extent to which your life has changed due to your injury, illness or mental health condition determines the value of your lump sum compensation.

One of the critical considerations when calculating a loss is the impact of your harm on your ability to work and earn an income. So, if you are a house painter with a broken ankle, your work impact is much more significant than an office job sitting behind a desk.

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How Does a Damages Calculator Work?

Use an injury damages calculator to quickly calculate the compensation benefits for an accident claim. The seven steps and vital information for a quick estimate are as follows:

  1. In which Australian state were you injured?
  2. Your current work status
  3. Approximate annual pay
  4. The type of accident
  5. Approximate incident date
  6. Kind of harm, e.g. one or more physical and psychological injuries
  7. Estimated recovery period

After completing these seven simple steps, our personal injury damages calculator will determine potential compensation benefits and lump sum entitlements.


 Why Use a Damages Calculator?

A damages calculator helps when deciding if pursuing a negligence legal action for an accident that was not your fault is worthwhile.

Knowing your injury compensation value helps you decide if you will manage a damages claim’s stress and additional effort. Get a fair assessment now and determine your extent of loss by using our speedy online personal injury claim calculator.

Types of Personal Injury Claims for Calculation

Every day, Aussies are injured in unexpected circumstances, triggering a personal injury claim for

  • road, transport & motor vehicle accidents
  • workplace accidents
  • slip and falls accidents
  • public space accidents
  • accidents on privately owned property
  • faulty product injuries, and others

Accidents can harm a person’s life, causing financial loss and mental anguish. As a result, our damages calculator considers several variables, including the type of injury and the resulting severity of harm. Use our personal injury calculator now to assess your possible compensation payment.


How Much Is My Damages Claim Worth?

The value of a compensation claim relies on the legal concept of heads of damages. When someone violates their legal duty of care and injures another party, these are the main factors determining the extent of the loss. Based on your situation, you may be entitled to a financial settlement for:

Medical Costs – reimbursement of treatment expenses like ambulance, hospital, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and doctors or specialist consultations.

Loss of Income – when you take time off work for your recovery, you can claim lost wages and superannuation. For long-term harm or permanent impairment, you may also be able to claim future lost income.

Travel expenses – reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses like medical or treatment-related transport costs.

Pain and Suffering (General Damages) – emotional pain and trauma often accompany physical pain and are included in compensation for loss of enjoyment of life.

Cost of Home Care – depending on whether your injuries are mild, moderate or severe, you may struggle with daily tasks like driving, shopping, cleaning your home or showering. In this case, you can be compensated for your cost of care.


Work Injury Damages

Our online calculator makes knowing your work injury damages easy. When an Australian employer fails their owed duty, and you suffer a mental ailment, illness or physical injury, you could claim compensation under the start workers compensation scheme. When successful, your work injury payout is typically funded by the WorkCover insurer.

If you would like to know the value of damages for a workplace accident, use our workers’ compensation calculator here >


Car Accident Damages

You can claim car accident damages when you suffer an injury due to a negligent road user’s behaviour. In this case, you would make a CTP claim against the third-party insurer of the at-fault driver. In Australia, all motorists must have CTP insurance cover when registering their vehicle, and this insurance scheme funds your damage payout once approved.

Thankfully, it’s easy to calculate the potential value of your car accident compensation by using our CTP claim calculator here >

Pain and Suffering Compensation Calculator

Our simple online tool is also a pain and suffering compensation calculator, so people living with emotional harm can estimate their pain and suffering damages. In personal injury claims, non-economic damages are just as crucial as economic losses.

Hence, personal injury compensation is not only for physical injuries, loss of earnings, out-of-pocket costs, and medical expenses. You can also claim general damages compensation like emotional distress, lost enjoyment of life, anxiety, and loss of consortium, which can be just as detrimental to someone’s quality of life and well-being as economic losses.

In Australia, pain and suffering claims can be sizeable and are a vital component of a compensation package. If you want to know your entitlements, contact our experienced lawyers or use our pain and suffering calculator.


Expert Legal Advice for Successful Damages Claims

Determining damages compensation with large insurance companies is complex, with multiple legal hurdles. Successful damages claims require comprehensive knowledge of the law, experienced negotiators and the ability to construct a compelling case. Hence, winning your case requires expert legal advice and substantial experience.

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  5. Your next steps in the damages claim process.


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